This 24-hr piece of your life is called

In several films I've been cast as characters who DIE 
... probably because I look good DEAD.                      

It sounds strange, I know, but when the director says "Action" and I'm playing a dead guy, it always seems like I should DO SOMETHING.
Maybe if he said "Inaction" it would make more sense ... but either way no matter how good I might be, the chances of winning an Academy Award as a dead guy are probably pretty low.
An actor friend of mine playing a hospital patient having surgery once said he never liked hearing his director say "Cut".


FRANKLIN WUNDER –  This is an inspirational film about a dying man wondering if he has ever done anything good for the world, and whose actions on the last day of his life benefit others without his realizing it.  (Yeah, this is one of the films in which I die.)

WHERE THERE IS DARKNESS - A feature-film shot in St. Augustine, FL about a Catholic priest who was murdered. He had left behind a note saying if he died in a violent crime, his killer should NOT BE GIVEN a death penalty …a true story of MURDER & MERCY that became a national news event.  I played the priest. 

PATHFINDERS –  A war film directed by Michael C. Humphreys (young Forrest Gump in the Tom Hanks film).  I was an American General in this one - questioning the wisdom of invading Normandy.  The story is based on actual events from WWII.


A couple of other things ------
FLYING SOLO –  This film was made in Fort Smith, Arkansas by Devon Parks - a Hollywood director and recent EMMY winner. One of our scenes was inside a bar where Bonnie & Clyde once hid from the law. I murdered a couple of guys in this movie - I HAD to ... it was in the script!

CHEAT DEATH - This was a commercial (not a movie) and was filmed in Asia - Singapore actually.  I was cast as an "accident prone" American guy who, among other things, FALLS while taking a shower. Yeah, there was a little bit of nudity, not much. Singapore is a beautiful city and in spite of being a 16½ hr flight from San Francisco it would be a great place to film a James Bond movie. 

(Next time I'd like to play a "cool" guy like BOND instead of being "accident prone").

Dick McMahon


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