Now that we're here, what
  are we supposed to do ?



We're all tourists visiting the planet, meeting various kinds of people   
... and doing some SIGHTSEEING!   Some of us leave earlier than others.

Maybe all we're really supposed to do is ... just   
HELP EACH OTHER make it through this short piece of eternity we're sharing.


Of all the places in the universe, how did I end up being born on an obscure planet like this, naked and without anything to protect me? Stone Age guys probably wondered the same thing when they relaxed in their rock gardens and looked up at the night sky.

We're all riding around on this big ball which is circling a nearby star.  And, apparently, it's a MINOR ball near a MINOR star on the edge of a MINOR galaxy.

It gets pretty complicated after that.  The galaxies are separating from each other at an ever increasing speed.  A minute ago one of them was 2-million miles closer to us than it is now ... a year ago it was a billion miles closer.  Eventually we won't be able to see it  because we'll be separating from each other faster than the speed-of-light. 

Separation speed then becomes a "sight barrier" keeping us from looking any farther into space.  Could all of this "stuff" out there be created just for our telescopic amusement?


Who lit the fuse 

for the BIG-BANG?

But, what if we COULD see to the end of the universe, what do you think would be there?   Maybe a WALL of some kind?  How thick would the wall be - and what would be behind it?   

Infinity doesn't compute well in a human brain.  Neither does eternity. 

No matter what color our skin might be, what language we speak, or who we love … all of us are human beings ultimately depending on each other for survival.

We’re on a small obscure planet in what appears to be an infinite universe – sharing a few years together … temporarily experiencing a small piece of eternity. 

Dick McMahon

Here I am stuck in a temporary body on a seemingly insignificant planet.  Right now I'm here, but at one time I wasn't; and, before long I won't be again. So is my life, or anybody else’s who has ever lived on the planet, meaningful in the grand scheme of things?  

Will our lives walking around the planet mean anything a hundred years from now?  A thousand?  Eternity? 

Life is fragile and whether we're 28 or 98-years old we’re ALL headed for the same thing ... a screeching HALT. Facing the end can be scary because it's something we have to do ALONE.  It’s like walking through a forest on a dark night with no one to reassure us everything’s O.K.      


So, what's the reason for us to be here?


There seems to be more to a human being than the chemical sum of his parts.  It can be observed in the art & music he creates and through his humor & shared thoughts.   It's like the wind ...  we see it INDIRECTLY when the leaves on a tree begin to move. 

His body is chemically the same in the moment he dies as it was the moment before ...  but something weightless and intangible suddenly leaves. 

I don't know whether to tell you this or not, but I had a particular experience a few years ago that messed with my mind.  You ready?  I think someone who died spoke to me.  Hang in there with me now.  I'm not sure I understand it myself.  It wasn't a dream and I wasn't hallucinating or DRUNK.  (Unfortunately, there's no one to corroborate this because I was ALONE at the time.)  It was an audible vibration in my ears the way we hear anyone's voice.  A microphone could probably have detected it.

He said only one word, "Thanks", in response to something I had done for him.  I recognized his voice right away and without thinking I smiled and said, “You’re welcome”.  It wasn’t until a minute or so later that I realized what had just happened. 


Now that some time has passed, the whole thing seems illogical.  But, it was real.  Maybe it was some small confirmation that the intangible part of us lives on.    Either that or ...  I could be loosing my mind. 


We're all tourists visiting the planet meeting various kinds of people ... and doing some SIGHTSEEING!.  Some of us leave earlier than others.

And probably all we're really expected to do is ... just

HELP EACH OTHER make it through this short piece of eternity that we're sharing.


It'd be great to hear from you!

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