This 24-hr piece of your life is called

I'm really good at auditioning 
if the character I'm playing 
is supposed to be a
Being an actor requires EXPOSING YOURSELF "to a certain degree" ... and allowing fears & emotions deep inside your personal space to be used & seen.  

It can also mean feeling uncomfortable at times if you're expected to do things you'd NEVER want to do in real life!  

I've been cast as characters who DIE in several films ... probably because I look good DEAD.  And, after kicking the bucket, it always seems strange to hear the director say, "Action".  Shouldn't it be, "Inaction"?
Clayton Williamson (an actor friend of mine in Australia) said when he was doing scenes as a hospital patient going into surgery - he never liked hearing the director say, "Cut".

Some have suggested that people become actors for the same reason they like extreme sports.  Both have similar challenges that test one's vulnerability. 

After jumping out of airplanes for a few years I discovered an adrenaline rush can also be found as an actor ... with less chance of being KILLED. 

But, the ACTING challenge (for me anyway) is getting out of my own way ... giving up control to the CHARACTER so he can jump inside and become alive. 

It's fun, though, when he CUSSES a lot.  I don't know why, but for some reason it feels good to say "#>%!" and "≠?¤#$" in front of a lot of people - and not get in trouble for it.


Hats are nice accessories to have when you need one to hold on to for security.
Yeah ... believe it or not
This movie director actually told me to "go jump in a lake"!

In FRANKLIN WUNDER I play a widower who has a major heart attack while swimming and later escapes from his hospital's intensive care unit.  

It's a beautiful film directed by Chris Lang that tells the story of a dying man who questions whether he has ever done anything "good" for the world.  Without his realizing it, everything he does on the last day of his life starts a chain reaction that benefits the lives of strangers who happen to cross his path.

The film ends when Franklin goes swimming again in a lake where he had fun as a teenager.  There he has another heart attack and dies.  This required
stripping down to my underwear and jumping from a dock into cold water ... and swimming to the middle of Cullaby Lake near Astoria, Oregon (pictured here).  

There was a slight wind blowing and it was cloudy when this was filmed temperatures were somewhere in the 50's. 
The water was FREEZING cold!  

When my "lifeless" body was pulled ashore several members of the crew kept pouring WARM water on me to calm down the shivering ... then, to appear dead, I held my breath as long as I could before starting to shake again.  

Playing a wet DEAD guy in a movie isn't easy when you're shivering uncontrollably. 
There ought to be an Academy Award for that.

Dick McMahon
My wife and me at the Portland Premier

Meet Briana Ratterman in the clip here.  
She stars in the film as Chelsea.
Briana is a great actress who also had to
 jump into the cold water to pull my dead 
body out of the lake.
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