A bunch of Short 
VIDIOS - hope you like 'em

The Mid-East War has claimed too
many innocent lives! This is a 2-min 
that hopefully carries a strong message!

  For the video characters in this video 
   I used old "coloring books" 
    ... it's a CRAZY version of a classical work. 

It was VERY bad day in MUDVILLE!   Some souns effects were added to this version of the story.       Oh, you may recognize one of the disappointed fans at the end. 

An Animal CARNIVAL -- Animal PHOTOS were inserted to help tell the story ... words are from Ogden Nash, music by Camille Saint-Saëns.

WHY IS THERE ANYTHING?  -- It's an awkward
question scientists have trouble answering.  
            WE'RE HERE!  WE'RE ALIVE! 
         Something must have started it!

LINCOLN PORTRAIT  Aaron Copland's 
music and various statements 
President Lincoln once said.  


A mysterious place 238,900 miles 
from here & 4.63 billion years old

Wanna hear a scary GHOST story?

A 7-minute video honoring the brave people of Ukraine at WAR . . .

Denver Int'l Airport -- Could ALIENS from another planet have developed the WORLD's 2nd Biggest Airport? 


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