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This video didn't turn out as good as I wanted, but maybe you'll enjoy it ... only 16-mins long.

I used old coloring books to create the video characters, and the story is a CRAZY version of a classical work. 

Sergei Prokofiev's music
Weird Al Yankovic's script

Hopefully Weird Al won't find 
out I changed what happened to the DUCK at the end.

Hope you like it!

Ernest L. Thayer's story of a VERY bad day in MUDVILLE!         HOW  bad was it?  Well, - let me tell you ... Dick McMahon

LINCOLN PORTRAIT  Aaron Copland's music and various statements President Lincoln once said.  

WHY IS THERE ANYTHING?  -- "Venus" from Gustav Holtz THE PLANETS Nat'l Youth Orchestra of Great Britian Edward Gardner conducting

An Animal CARNIVAL -- Animal photos have been inserted to help tell the story & words are from Ogden Nash, music by Camille Saint-Saëns.

A 7-minute video honoring the brave people of Ukraine at WAR . . .

Denver Int'l Airport -- Could ALIENS from another planet have developed the WORLD's 2nd Biggest Airport? 

This one is definitely NOT
a feature film.  It's only
96-secs long 

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