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Apparently, planet EARTH is just a big ball ... a MINOR one near a MINOR star on the edge of a MINOR galaxy. It gets complicated after that.  

Galaxies are parting from each other at increasing speeds ... this means when the separation between us and another one EXCEEDS the speed of light (186,000 mph/sec) we won't be able to see it any longer!.  The image just won’t be there -- creating a SIGHT barrier (or wall) that no telescope will ever be able to penetrate.

This suggests there could be a lot of stuff on the other side!

Looking into space, of course, also means seeing into the PAST. (That sunlight over our head is just an IMAGE of something that happened 8-minutes ago.)  But, what if we COULD see to the end of the universe, what do you think would be there? 

Infinity doesn't compute well in a human brain.  Neither does eternity. 

Of all the places in the universe, how did I end up being born on an obscure planet like this, naked and without anything to protect me? Stone Age guys probably wondered the same thing when they relaxed in their rock gardens and looked up at the night sky.


Here I am stuck in a temporary body on a insignificant rock somewhere in space. Right now I'm here ... at one time I wasn't; and, before long I won't be again. So is my life, or anybody else’s who has ever lived on the planet, meaningful in the grand scheme of things?   

Will our lives mean anything a hundred years from now?  A thousand?  Eternity? 

Life is fragile and whether we're 28 or 98-years old we’re ALL headed for the same thing ... a screeching HALT. Facing the end can be scary because it's something we have to do ALONE.

There seems to be something MORE to Human Beings than the chemical sum of their parts!

It can be observed in the ART and MUSIC they creat ... and, ofcourse, in that mysterious thing called LOVE.

Chemically our bodies are the same the moment we DIE, but something wewightless, intagible and beautiful suddently LEAVES.