This 24-hr piece of your life is called

VIDEO thoughts about it all ...

We all kind of know - in the back of our minds - that we live on a giant BALL and that it revolves around another giant ball of hot GAS floating somewhere in space. 
But, sometimes we don't really BELIEVE it until we see a total eclipse ... where everything is all perfectly lined up and we go 


Existence is STRANGE. 

First your aren’t, then you    ARE, then you aren't again!


We need each   
Tourists can   
easily get      
   LOST, right?

Of all the places in the universe, how did I end up being born on this particular obscure planet -- naked and without anything to protect me? Stone Age guys probably wondered the same thing when they relaxed in their rock gardens and looked up at the night sky.

Here I am stuck in a temporary body on a insignificant rock somewhere in space. Right now I'm here ... at one time I wasn't; and, before long I won't be again. So is my life, or anybody else’s who has ever lived on the planet, meaningful in the grand scheme of things?   

Will our lives mean anything a hundred years from now?             A thousand?  Eternity? 

Life is fragile and whether we're 28 or 98-years old we’re ALL headed for the same thing ... a screeching HALT. Facing the end can be scary because it's something we have to do ALONE.

There seems to be something MORE to Human Beings than the chemical sum of our parts!

It can be observed in the ART and MUSIC we create ... and, of course, in that mysterious thing called LOVE.

Chemically our bodies are the same the moment we DIE, but something weightless, intangible and beautiful suddenly LEAVES.

So, what do you think? 

Is the Creator of the universe all-loving & all-powerful as many religions say He is? If so why doesn't He help those who are SUFFERING? 

Could it be that His power is LIMITED somewhat ... in order to permit FREEWILL? Maybe that's the only way “voluntary love” can happen on our part, right?  The tradeoff, of course, is that “voluntary HATRED” can also be a result.

If it's true, then (that He's not all-powerful), we should probably re-evaluate those prayers we make asking Him to control the actions of others ... 

Like protecting the people of UKRAINE from the Russian invasion.  


It also means that WE are the only ones able to alleviate a lot of the suffering in the world.  But, if we're going to do it we need to get STARTED.  Our time is limited.  Our BLIP on the eternal calendar is SMALL! 

As we face WARS, “climate change & COVID, etc.  


Existence is STRANGE. 

First your aren’t, then you    ARE, then you aren't again!