… a plea by a priest to save the
life of the man who murdered him




... is a docu-drama from Stella Mar Films that tells the story of Fr. Rene Robert, a Florida priest, who ministered to prisoners and ex-convicts and eventually met a man who would murder him. 

20 years before his death Fr. Rene had signed a little known document that would eventually SAVE the life of the man who killed him ... a true story of murder and MERCY that became a national news event. 



Dick McMahon

NOTE; The film is not suitable for children and includes drug use, adult language, abuse, and violence. It is expected to receive a rating of R or PG-13.

In being cast as the priest I wanted very much to honor Fr. Rene in the best way possible and I PRAYED - asking him to jump into my body and help me tell his story. 

(Yeah, believe it or not, I pray sometimes)

In one particular scene I think he actually DID that... an unscripted re-enactment of when he was freed from the trunk of his car after a long drive.  

As Fr. Rene I'm lying on my back inside the trunk while Eric Newcombe (the fantastic young actor playing the killer) is standing behind the car YELLING at me through the open trunk door.

I'm afraid of dying and trying to REASON with him!  But he keeps SHOUTING as if I were his character's abusive father.   LOTS OF PROFANITY.         

In a sudden WAVE OF FEAR I begin shouting as well ...

                             “HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE,
                                      THE LORD IS WITH THEE”

Dick McMahon

The scene was unscripted spontaneous and intense. 

And when it was over we both CRIED a lot and hugged for a long time ... realizing we may have just been used as channels for real characters.

THEY were the actors in the scene, not us.     

I’ve never felt anything like that before …
(very humbling and a bit scary).


The initial trailer ...


Camera crew and SWAT team after filming re-enactment of capturing the murderer.

Dick McMahon