Orson Welles called it                                           
 “The greatest single radio script ever written.”   

The author:
Lucille Fletcher

The actors:
Jo Dodge 
      (Mrs. Stevenson)

Also featuring 
David Ballantyne, 
Pamela Bilderbeck, 
Roxanne Clarke, 
Kevin Crawford, 
Ron Fox, 
Craig Kalepp, 
Joyce Kemp, 
Frannie McMahon, 
Erika Zuelke.
Directed by
   Dick McMahon

Sorry, Wrong Number
THE PLACE:  New York City         THE YEAR:  the 1940's                  In  STEREO


This recording is                           a"AUDIO MOVIE"

... similar to a classic radio drama but with natural cinematic SOUND - subtle foot- prints, ambient atmospheric elements, and, in this performance, even Mrs. Stevenson's heartbeat can be heard        as her fear begins to build.  Listeners "see" it all ... with their EARS.

BUT ...
If your "ears"  have really POOR "eyesight" 
Click here for some visual help


An interesting side note ...
All of the talented actors in this production were ALONE when they recorded their lines.  The finished product is a compilation of their work - then combined with sound effects.